Fighting for a Slice of the Pie.

Fighting for a Slice of the Pie.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. Succeeding with an online store is an uphill battle. We came into this knowing that we were competing with Amazon and Ebay and tens of thousands of smaller players in the market. Are we totally insane to think we can pull out of the crowd and distinguish ourselves in that kind of environment? 

Well, we are different. We don't follow every trend and we refuse to lower our morals to put vulgar slogans on our products. Yes, we are missing out on some trends by not dropping the f-bomb. I hope our customers appreciate having an online destination that is family friendly. Our hope and our success depends upon there being enough people out there who have similar family values. It also depends upon us creating products that our customers love. And that is 100% on us. 

We have been threatened by Instagram, had products pulled from Pinterest and had our advertising pulled from facebook. We must be doing something right. ;)

We have expanded our sales channels to include Amazon, Wish and Ebay. So if you see our products in those marketplaces, realize that it is just us spreading our wings in hopes of capturing a greater audience. 

Our message is bold, brash, and completely Christian. We are pro-life, pro biblical marriage and pro America, pro 2nd Amendment, pro U.S. constitution. Compromise is not in our blood.

With your support, we will come through the fight with only minor bruises. 

Stand strong.



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