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Car Tire Coffee Mug

Car Tire Coffee Mug

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Now even the garage owner, mechanic or car lover can have their own stylish mug. We bring you a tremendous gift - the tire mug.

This is a stainless steel mug on the inside. On the outside is a stack of tires that is perfect for any man who likes to get his hands dirty under the hood. This enhances the coolness quotient and ups your style. Very portable and sure to be a conversation starter.

No one will even know it's a mug unless you open it up to show them.


Mug with stack of tires design
The design is sturdy and comes in the medium weight category
Innovative tool for storing anything, even liquids in style
A fantastic gift option for car lovers

Dimensions: 3.5x3.5x7 inches
Material: stainless steel

U.S. delivery in 2-6 days.
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